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Whether you are a seasoned plant person or a wannabe green thumb, you are going to love this roundup of 5 plant shops that deliver to your doorstep.

I personally tested some of these shops during the lockdown. Physical shops were actually closed and I went on a quest to find an alternative way to bring nature into my home. One plant at a time!

Shopping options can be overwhelming but I’m here to help you navigate this wide variety of alternatives. Without further ado, this is my roundup of 5 plant shops where you can source your greenery without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Bergamotte – For modern plant selection

Born as a France only site, Bergamotte expanded to ship to Germany and the UK. This shop is my go-to resource for house plants.

It’s a great shop because the quality/price ratio is almost unbeatable. It really has a high-quality selection of small, medium, and big plants at affordable prices. Their shop stocks from succulents to Instagram-worthy plants. They deliver within 24 hours using tailor-made packaging in paper and cardboard to ensure safe transport.

Bergamotte also sells flower bouquets and dried flowers. The only catch is that the offer for gardening accessories is not as ample as that of plants.

Photo: courtesy of Bergamotte

Every year they also organize a pop-up shopping tour in different countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland.. and you might be among the lucky ones to grab some of the most beautiful plants at very convenient prices.

TAKE A LOOK AT: the Calathea orbifolia (height between 55-75 cm) or the ficus elastica (height between 85-95 cm).

Bakker – Houseplants and (a lot!) more

Italy, Switzerland, UK, Netherland, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria… Bakker has lots of partner sites depending on where you are located. Since I’m based in Zürich, I’ve tried their Swiss online shop but their assortment is guaranteed in each country they are operating.

Bakker has a really huge assortment (at very good prices) and also sells a lot of products to take care of your urban jungle (and garden). They have Mediterranean to exotic plants, bonsai as well as cacti and hanging plants.

I find it very useful that they created different sections to help you navigate their big selection. You’ll find for example «houseplants that are easy to take care of» (perfect if you are a newbie) or «air-purifying plants». The site is also packed with inspiration and tips about indoor-plants, DIY and trends, harvesting… and much more.

A couple of the plants I bought from Bakker.

Since they are big business, it takes from 5 to 12 days to have your plants delivered so plan a bit in advance. (during the lockdown they delivered in 17 days, it was a special situation for everyone, and I appreciated they did their best to respect the regular delivery times.

Plants were in good shape when they arrived: they were wrapped in a tailor-made plastic shell. I don’t know if it was recycled plastic or not but I’ve checked on the website while writing this post and I saw that they are now using cardboard to wrap and protect plants during transportation.

Photo: Valeria Crescenzi

TAKE A LOOK AT the hanging pothos (it’s a very easy houseplant to grow) and the banana plant dwarf for a touch of exotic in your home.

Plant circle – For the true plant lovers

Berlin-based but shipping worldwide, the Plant Circle offers a selection of plants coming from all over the world (rare and exotic plants included). It’s a cool shop with a very contemporary take on the plant world.

They have a carefully curated stock of Monsteras, Begonias, Philodendrons, Caladium plants, succulents… you name it!

But they also have a really cool plant pots selection to complement your green friends (which is something really difficult to find. Usually, you can’t find an equally trendy offer both in terms of plants and pots).

Photo by Savannah-van-der-Niet, courtesy of Plant Circle

The online shop is easy to navigate and plants are organised into categories including also pet friendly plants.

TAKE A LOOK AT: their beautiful selection of planters. I’m planning to buy some terracotta pots soon!

If you love home decor, have a look at my selection of 5 online shopping for furniture lovers.

Planteplaneter – Beyond the ordinary houseplants

Planteplaneter is all about kokedama plants. If you have never heard of it, they are made of a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which a plant is set. 

They look like little planets (that’s where the inspiration for the shop’s name comes from) and you usually find them hanging from the ceilings.

They have from medium to extra-large kokedama plants with prices ranging from 40 to 67 euros. This is definitely an option for those of you who are looking for a cool way to fill your home with greenery and I also find it a very beautiful idea to decorate your office or your retail space. This is something unique for this roundup of 5 plant shops that deliver to your doorstep.

I’m dreaming of having some of them at home! Deliveries take from 1 to 10 days depending on the country you are based.

Courtesy of Planteplaneter

Pikaplant – For terrarium lovers

Pikaplant is an Amsterdam based online shop that sells terrariums, baby plants, and products that make plant keeping easy.

This shop intertwines the love for plants (and nature at large) with product design. Indeed, all their products are crafted and assembled by hand such as their airtight jars, living houseplants you never need to water (80 euros each). They last from a minimum of 3 months to over 5 years. It’s black thumb proof!

The shop sells baby plants and seedlings to grow your own tree at home (baby plants cost 9 euros each) and can be combined with the Geo vase. This is a ceramic planter that gradually filters water into the plant’s soil as it is needed. This would be level up the game and become a tree grower!

Courtesy of Pikaplant

HAVE A LOOK AT: their self-watering plant tray «tableau». It’s a design concept you can pre-order and it helps to keep your plants leafy using zero electricity.

If you liked this roundup of 5 plant shops that deliver to your doorstep, share these tips with your urban jungle tribe. And if you are looking for inspiring greenery images check out my Pinterest board.


This is not a sponsored post. These are shops I check out when looking for plants and products for my own house and where I buy for me and my family & friends. I really love their merchandise and that is the reason why I shared this roundup with you.

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