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about me

Hello! I’m a Zürich-based journalist and event planner specialised in interior design and architecture.

As a journalist...

My first steps as a journalist date back to 2011 when I started collaborating, in my free time, with a travel e-zine. Back then I was working as an advisor for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A collaboration with the well known Italian publishing house Rizzoli, brought me into the world of book writing. At the end of 2013, my guidebook «Roma Low Cost» was in bookshops throughout Italy and my career was about to change. That experience officially opened the door to a new professional path in journalism. Since then I never stopped writing, mostly focusing on interior design and architecture.

The reason my career unfolded into journalism is not only because I do love to write. Primarily is because I love #storytelling. I love meeting creative people. I love asking questions. I love digging. And sharing inspiring stories with a larger audience.

Portrait photos by Milena Zeloni Photography

Flick through the pages of my portfolio and you’ll find a selection of my published works and radio broadcastings. Below some of my latest collaborations.

As an event planner...

Event planning has always been part of my different jobs. Back in 2008, when I was working for the MoFA in Rome, I used to organize international conferences and formal meetings. 12 years later I’m still designing events and developing original formats such as the Design Apéro event series.

I’m an organized person by nature with interdisciplinary thinking and I love to take care of the entire process behind an event: from the initial idea and concept to the final details. I like beautiful, curated settings and collaborating with different professionals in creating unique events and experiences.

B&W photos by Marcos Pérez (markause) - Table setting photos by Nora Brumm (found by heart)

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