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Design Apéro: chapter four

Can you have fun while networking? My answer is definitely YES! The fourth Design Apéro has been a very funny and inspiring evening and the perfect roundup of an amazing first four months of Design Apéros.

In the beautiful setting of AP Store & Gallery, a new group of professionals in the design and architecture industry gathered together for the fourth Design Apéro — Christmas edition. Hot tea, gützli, some delicious panettone and lots of inspiring stories have been shared. From good fashion to jewelry design, from illustration to architecture and journalism… all the guests are striving to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

Special guest Christina Krämer shared with us not only the beautiful part of her job as a designer in the fashion industry but also some downsides and hard truths. When she started with her label 12 years ago the fashion industry wasn’t really thinking about sustainability. Now things are changing toward more responsible production processes and consumption but we still have to be careful about how clothes are produced and avoid greenwashing traps.

Christina is already doing her part in consciously creating clothes. How? Choosing organic cashmere, natural dyeing techniques, suppliers that are certified, and respect the environment… from the production phase to the final product.

During the evening the conversation never stopped. We all enjoyed knowing each other and the projects we are developing in a relaxed but focused environment. I came back home energized and ready for a new year of Design Apéros. Reaching out to creative and inspiring people brings new perspectives and I’m proud to share that the first collaborations between professionals who met at a Design Apéro are already blossoming.

Special thanks:

AP Store & Gallery: thank you very much, Alice, for providing the perfect location for the Design Apéro and for being a super supportive and welcoming host. Your store is a real gem!

Lykkefund Paper: thank you, Daniela, for creating the first personalized Design Apéro card ever. The postcard is an illustration masterpiece and just the perfect paper memory for all the participants.

Postcards designed by Lykkefund Paper – Ph: Lykkefund Paper

The next Design Apéro will take place in the first week of February. I’m already planning it and considering some applications received. If you are interested in being part of one of the next chapters follow the required steps below.

Do you want to be one of the guests of the next Design Apéro? Read below what to do.

The Design Apéro is a (G)local event that takes place once per month in Zürich, a special initiative by invitation only to foster connections and start building meaningful professional relationships. If you work in the area of design and/or architecture and want to take part in one of the next chapters send an email to valeria@crescenzi.ch with the following info (Subject: Design Apéro):

A brief introduction of yourself // Why do you want to take part in the Design Apéro // Your website/portfolio/blog // Your LinkedIn profile. In case you’ll be selected, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the useful details

Do you want to be one of the next hosts? Or making an in-kind sponsorship?

Since the Apéros are free of charge, I’m looking for hosts and local sponsors who are willing to provide a nice venue, drinks, and nibbles & more, contributing to creating a pleasant experience for all the participants. Being a sponsor means building a stronger community around your business while gaining a bit of extra exposure. I’m happy to discuss all the details during a meeting in person. Drop me a line (valeria@crescenzi.ch) to plan a first meeting with me at your location (Zürich). Subject: partnership.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Margherita Facca, Valeria Crescenzi

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