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My 2019: the «why not?» year

Photo: Marcos Pérez marcause

If I had to summarize my 2019 in just two words, these would be «WHY NOT?».

Question mark included.

Because at the beginning of 2019 the morale wasn’t exactly skyrocketing. I was experiencing a dismissal (4 years in a Swiss publishing house, unexpectedly disappeared because my role in Zurich was no longer needed) and at the dawn of my 37 years, I found myself again in front of a career crossroads.

I needed a change of scenery.

It was February.

I took a plane, destination: San Francisco. Two weeks traveling helped me to look at my situation from a new perspective.

Then I came back to Zurich. And I started to jot down some notes: ideas, postponed projects, fears, strengths, skills…

And then I asked myself: «WHY NOT?»

And with this “simple” question in mind, I started rolling up my sleeves and laying the first bricks of my new career as a full-time freelance journalist and communication consultant.

It was early March.

From that moment to the new freelance assignments about 2 months have passed (plus countless coffees). Coffees had in the company of editors and professionals in the design and architecture industry to present ideas for collaborations and pitch new stories to tell.

Then May came.

And with it my first publication in German on printed paper. An article that brought together Italy and Switzerland, a reportage about an unconventional apartment in Milan. This story has marked a change of pace for me. This experience seemed to tell me just one thing: «YOU CAN DO IT». You can also publish in German. My fourth language, and the third in terms of professional writing.

I started June proud of myself, confident that things would be better. Six years of German classes began to bear fruits. But more importantly, new opportunities were taking shape.

Summer brought new collaborations, especially with magazines. I wrote about places for design lovers in Zurich and I also virtually made it to Ticino to discover more about design talents there. In July I finally launched a project that I had in mind for over a year: the #designapéro.

August’s sun slowed down the pace but not my ideas.


September came on tiptoe. Humble, it didn’t know that it was about to open the door to what would have been three very intense and beautiful months.

September was a month of first times: the first Design Apéro, the confirmation that I would become a correspondent for RSI Rete Due and the first Visual Storytelling Workshop run in Tuscany.

Yes, September was definitely a month of first times. And my attitude toward 2019 had really changed.

«Life is constantly presenting us with opportunities to grow, learn, do and be more than we currently are — often long before we’re ready.»

Chris Hutchins

October & November

October, but above all November, were both whirlwind months: fairs, trips, conferences, new articles, and lots of contacts. I took a train to Milan to tell about the Zurich design scene at the Triennale with Alfredo Häberli, interviewed well-established interior designers and CEOs, covered one of the most known design fairs in Switzerland for a special collaboration.

In 2019 I created opportunities. For me and for the people I met along the way.

In 2019 I learned the meaning of making everything a «yes». That doesn’t mean saying «yes» to everything.

In 2019 I learned to ask myself «WHY NOT?»

Now it’s time to stop right here for a moment. And take it in. And then start again in the new year. But this time I will not start from scratch because I’m already on the right path.

Happy new year everyone.

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