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The empathic design of Valentina Carretta

Valentina Carretta is an Italian designer whose work is divided into three main areas: product design, art direction and merchandising.

We had deepened the first one but you will soon realize that the other two areas contaminated some way her whole approach to design. Born in a region well known for its craftsmanship, Veneto, Valentina Carretta graduated at the Politecnico di Milano and had a study experience at the famous Bauhaus Universität Weimar.  In her CV, there is an 8-year-long collaboration with Fabrica, Benetton Communication Research Centre, an experience that taught Valentina Carretta to deal with very different approaches to design (people in the hub come from all over the world) and to develop a very open mind towards experimentation and contamination. Valentina designs mostly for galleries and companies but her projects’ list comprises also self-produced products. Having different clients allows her to diversify perspectives, working both in a “conceptual” as well as in an “industrial” manner.

Here we highlight one of her most recent projects made for the Italian company Sculptures Jeux. “Workin” is a compact working station, an independent capsule that “is exactly what you see”, as Valentina said. No frills for this piece of furniture but rigorous lines, smooth surfaces and high standards of ergonomics. The matt effect of the surfaces is given by the Fenix, a material particularly resistant to scratches. This project presents delicate colors that underline the genuinely of the materials, giving life to a very empathic piece of furniture. Empathy is key in Valentina’s works and all the projects have in common keen attention to details and big respect for the artisanal soul of each created piece. “Workin”, as well as the table “Gem” (below), will be soon presented with new finishings and in new sizes. Valentina production comprises carpetsstucco decorations, lamps, candle holders, vases and even unique pieces tailored to galleries’ requests. Variety fuels creativity and Valentina is trying to find new languages in designing, facing the different challenges that every single project poses.

The article has been published on The Design Pot mag in March 2016. The Design Pot was an English-speaking magazine committed to independent interior design and emerging creatives.

Photos: courtesy of Valentina Carretta.