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Read what talented professionals are saying about me and the Design Apéro events

«I had the honor of being invited as a special guest speaker during the first-ever #designapéro in Zürich. It was a great pleasure for me to share the amazing story of FDB møbler with a very curious and interesting group of people from different corners of the creative business. We had some great discussions and dialogues, and it’s extremely motivating to meet a new group of people and quickly realize that we all have two major abilities in common: passion and dedication for each of our projects! What a special energy-boost and experience this ended up being! Thank you, Valeria Crescenzi, for organizing this special event – and best of luck with the future editions» – Jakob Aaen – FDB Møbler Head of International Sales

«How to network cool? I had the pleasure of being part to the Design Apéro #2 and it’s a bliss! I appreciate Valeria’s approach to bring new people together. She makes every event unique and creates opportunities for connection and fruitful collaborations amongst various creative individuals» – Milena Zeloni, Photographer

I had the pleasure of participating in Valeria Crescenzi Design Aperos. First time as a guest, the second time as a special guest to speed the knowledge about File Under Pop products, being the official agent here in Switzerland. On both occasions, a small group of guests were invited, who were all related to design and architecture. This has been a very positive experience for me to connect, get inspired by, and relate to other colleagues and like-minded people. I am amazed about Valeria’s skills to connect with people and make things happen around her. It is not always so easy in the fairly reserved Switzerland. Chapeaux, Valeria!» – Maria Zachariae, Architect

«The Design Apéro is definitely something that had been missing in Zürich and Switzerland in general. It’s the perfect evening to make new contacts, exchange ideas with like-minded people, and learn about small and large biz. It’s all about having fun, interesting talks and a good glass of wine in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere». – Lea Bollhalder, Stylist

«It was such a pleasure to be a part of one of the Design Apéros. The atmosphere of the event was friendly and relaxing, and I made some very nice and extremely helpful connections. A very inspiring evening among creative people! Thank you, Valeria and all the best for future events!» – Vita Vitushkina, Founder Home and Fleur

«The Design Apéro for me is a wonderful way of connecting people. It was a great atmosphere to chat with everyone and to get to know other professions and their backgrounds. Just loved it!» – Rebecca Hanke, Bag designer and florist

«As a ceramic designer, opportunities to bond with like-minded people in other disciplines seem to be very rare. For this reason, the Design Apéro is something very valuable for me. I was very honored to be invited to the first chapter, a very inspiring and relaxed evening. Valeria has a good flair for bringing people together. Thank you for that.» – Marcel Krummenacher, Ceramic designer

«It’s not only fabulous, that she gathers people from the design & architecture-sector (Design Apéro), but that she has an exquisite understanding of aesthetic and beautiful locations. I was twice part of the Design Apéro – once as a guest and secondly as the official photographer. Valeria and I enjoy working on private projects too, which is fun and enriching at the same time! Thanks, Valeria, for the great friendship. All the best!» – Nora Brumm, Photographer at found by heart

«We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Valeria last year through the internet as she was one of our trend webinar attendees. Our passion for design and communication has brought us together, and we were delighted that she was able to collaborate with us in covering a design event in Zürich. She is a great professional, very creative, analytical, great communicator with a very good eye for design and details. We look forward to working with her again soon!» – Ana Luiza Magalhães & Marlon Chiumento, SOMA Studio Milano

«Valeria is, what I think to be a true people connector. At the Design Apéro that I attended she didn’t just bring together people from similar industries to share their experiences. She set an atmosphere for us to really open up, talk about our visions, goals, and also challenges. I had some very meaningful encounters that evening and that is thanks to Valeria’s skill to bring together personalities that don’t even think to talk about the weather!» – Daniela Raffl, Illustrator, Lykkefund

«I enjoyed the Design Apéro with Valeria and the inspiring invitees very much. A cosy and fun evening full of surprises in fairy-tale-like Zürich before the Xmas holidays. Interested to see how Valeria’s ideas and locations will continue to surprise us». – Jan Kubasiewicz, Architect

I am really impressed with the Design Apero which is the brainchild of Valeria Crescenzi. Not only has it been extremely interesting to participate and learn about new topics, but it has also been so inspiring to meet other movers & shakers within the sphere of design. Additionally, I am so incredibly impressed with Valeria’s organizational skills and how she manages to bring people together while making it all look so effortless». – Julie Marie Kjersem, Owner House of Gefion

«From the very first moment I met Valeria in my store, I felt we spoke the same language and it was very refreshing to hear about the concept and vision behind her Design Apéro project. Her radiant, professional, and lively personality to bring gifted designers together created an event of which was really a pleasure to be part of as a host. The Design Apéro evening in my store unfolded beautifully. Valeria created a welcoming atmosphere, with a careful dedication to introducing each participant’s personal project. Exchanging views in this intimate circle of people, certainly helped to connect and support one another on different levels, to hear about one’s ups and downs, and to be positively surprised on someone else awareness about one’s own project». – Alice Pierburg, Owner AP Store & Gallery

«The Design Apéro is a wonderful, unique, and exclusive way to meet like-minded people who share their passion for design. Valeria is such a welcoming host and spoiled us with exquisite food and wine in an extraordinary location. Some of the designers who took part in the November the Design Apéro organized, thanks to Valeria, a pop-up store together are still in contact with each other. Grazie mille Valeria!» – Leni Adam, Goldsmith, founder of Leni Adam Jewellery

«In the beginning, I was not sure what to expect from the Design Apéro but now, I have to say, that it definitely had an impact on my project in the long run. I met people who are involved in different projects but living in a similar situation as mine. This sparked new ideas and new points of view. I ended up organizing a POP Up Shop with some designers that participated in the Design Apéro. They complement my job: their customers are also mine and mine are theirs, so we synergies and we will keep that energy going also for further projects. Thank you for initiating that Valeria!» – Christine Losser. Founder Aqvarossa