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A few years ago, I was sitting in the hall of the Kunsthaus in Zürich listening to a presentation by British-Swiss philosopher Alain de Botton. He was talking about a stay at a poorly finished hotel in Essex. That night he didn’t sleep much but thought a lot about design and about the way in which «we are so vulnerable to the color of the bedspread, the quality of carpets or the way in which a pillow has been designed. All these things have a horribly powerful impact on how we feel.»

So you got it. His presentation was all about WHY DESIGN MATTERS.

The point in his presentation was: we don’t notice design, we don’t think about design until we have to deal with design gone wrong.

But when we start to notice good design, we also realize that the world has not been well designed. That’s sad. But fortunately, we can all do something to improve the environment in which we live.

We feel like and are in a sense quite different people depending on what’s in front of our eyes

Alain De Botton

One of the things that people tell me most when I say that I am a journalist specialised in design and architecture is:« I’m not familiar with design, I’m no expert.»

My reply is usually something like «that’s not true. Maybe you are not an expert but you are certainly familiar with it.»

Because design is everywhere: in the pen you use, in the Moka you brew your coffee every morning, in the lamps, sofa, and pillows you chose for your living room. Design is also in online services and apps, in public spaces, museums, restaurants…

You can see it for yourself: DESIGN IS literally EVERYWHERE.

And this is the answer to the question in the title.

Exactly three weeks ago, I launched a new video series called «All things design». It’s a weekly conversation, a way to make design more visible, and talk about what kind of design we need to improve our lives. It can be a tip to make your home cozier or better organized. Or getting to know what is the story behind a new product or talking together about sustainable materials and technology developments. That’s ALL THINGS DESIGN.

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In these months of isolation, it occurred to me to think a lot about the role of design in our lives. Although I was already convinced that the way in which environments and objects are designed affects our moods, our aspirations, and also relationships, I want to share my take on all things design and have a fruitful conversation with you all.

#allthingsdesign project is even more important at a time when a virus is asking us to find new ways to interact, build, and design for a better and more sustainable future.

Join the conversation!

New videos are released every Friday morning at 11 on YouTube and IGTV. Videos are recorded in Italian (my mother tongue) but on YouTube, you can set your subtitles on English.

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