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10 stylish and doable pumpkin decorating ideas

I still remember the first time I decorated a pumpkin for Halloween. I was 12 yo and I did it with the help of my English teacher. We were studying Anglo-Saxon traditions, specifically Halloween, and it was October: just the right time for carving our first Jack o’ Lantern.

It was real fun! I resumed this little tradition of decorating pumpkins only 10 years ago when I reconnected with my love for DIY decor crafts. Since then, I have decorated a pumpkin a year and each time I have chosen a different style. Last year, for example, I went for a white pumpkin and turned it into a vase; I filled it with florist sponge and set up a small flower composition.

It’s my way to celebrate the intersection between home decor and Halloween. For this year’s pumpkin decor I’m still looking for inspiration but I’ve already collected some cool ideas.

Read on and discover 10 stylish and doable pumpkin decorating ideas!

Pom-Pom Pumpkin

This no-carve pumpkin decor idea by Design Improvised is super easy and it’s a wonderful idea for some arts&crafts time with your kids. You only need three things: pumpkins, pom-poms, and glue.

image source

The pumpkin that wanted to be a donut

Trick or treats? You already know the answer… right? To make this DIY Donut Pumpkin by Studio DIY follow the instructions here.

image source

Neon stem pumpkins

If you love neon colors this idea is just perfect! Go hunting for white pumpkins with long stems and you’ll be halfway through this DIY decoration. Follow the step-by-step tutorial by A Kailo Chic Life.

image source

Terrazzo-inspired pumpkins

Terrazzo is one of the main design trends lately and these pumpkins are a little tribute to it. Oh so beautiful paper made the cutest terrazzo-inspired pumpkins and here is how you can replicate it.

Yayoi Kusama inspired pumpkins

Raise your hand if you love the works of Yayoi Kusama. She is one of my favorite artists ever and this DIY project pays hommage to her playful and colorful style. It’s an idea of Handmade Charlotte you can easily make together with your kids.

image source

Popcorn basket pumpkin

What if you turn a tall pumpkin into a popcorn basket? This tutorial by awwsam is for you popcorn maniacs!

Black & White speckled pumpkins

Minimal and faux messy, this technique needs a bit of practice but it’s totally doable. Just follow the tips and the step-by-step tutorial by Homeyohmy.

image source

Find more home decor ideas in these pages of the blog.

Splattered ice cream pumpkins

Unleash your creativity by creating a composition of pumpkins. This idea is sweet and lovely and asks for few supplies: you just need a couple of small white pumpkins and some paper to make the cone.

image via pinterest

Make a pumpkin wreath!

Chelsea from colorful blog Lovely Indeed got a very cool idea: making a Halloween wreath using small, decorative pumpkins. You can hang it to the wall or outside on your door. Follow her tutorial: it takes some paint and about an hour of work.

image source

A new take on carved pumpkins

Laurey W. Glenn shows us how to combine natural, uncarved pumpkins with elegantly carved ones. It’s a contemporary twist on the traditional orange pumpkins. I couldn’t find a proper tutorial but you can take inspiration from the photo below.

image via pinterest


Cover photo: Carmen Gonzalez for Unsplash.

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