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4 interior trends you can easily blend into your home

Should you follow interior trends?

This is one of those million-dollar-questions and one short answer I really agree with is: ‘probably not, because you should buy only things you love and that you will love forever’ — Kate Watson-Smith from the book ‘Mad about the house. 101 Interior Design Answers‘.

But there is no escaping trends.

Whether you like it or not, we are all influenced by trends to a certain degree and so are the products available on the market. If you recently tried to buy terracotta accessories for your kitchen with no success, you know what I’m talking about.

Going back to interiors trends, I like to look at them but don’t feel totally affected by them.

I believe everyone should aim at finding her/his personal style rather than trying to recreate what I call a ‘showroom house’. Anyway, a good pinch of trends never hurt anybody, and today I’ll show you 4 interior trends you can easily blend into your home.

1. Interior trends – Biophilic design

It’s not about adding plants in your apartment. Plants are definitely a good way to bring nature indoor but the biophilic design is more complex and it’s about embedding nature in your space through materials, tactile textures, shapes, colors, fragrances, natural light, and of course also plants.

In the current situation, we are spending a lot more time at home, so an increased focus on biophilic design is something that we all need. It’s not just a trend.

How can you translate all of it into your home? A single article cannot break down such a multifaceted topic but you can certainly start by introducing more natural elements into your spaces.

Increase exposure to natural light. This comes at no extra costs for the home budget but it really plays an important role in our well-being. Move your desk near the window or change the curtains with semi-sheer ones to let more light in.

Bring physicality back: incorporate natural textures into your living spaces. I’m talking about wood, wool, natural stone, and organic forms. Everything that enhances tactile sensations. You can start small by adding a blanket, a rug, or a coffee table with an organic shape. With time you’ll gain confidence and you could go big such as in this stunning image below where the designer went for a big wooden table whose shape is really unique.

Jamie bush & co – image source
photo courtesy of mater design
m.elle interior design – image source
lorna de santos – image source
vulca mini vases – photo courtesy of ferm living


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Natural fiber baskets for your home

Add warm, neutral colors. Neutrals are serene shades that connect back to nature and the simple things. Picking the right ones is not as easy as it seems (once in an article on Elle Decor I’ve read that ‘choosing a right neutral paint shade is like picking the perfect little black dress’) but it definitely worth a try to increase the overall sense of well-being in a space.

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Add some greenery. Houseplants help us feel more relaxed and calm and clean the air (NASA’s word) and are one of the most affordable ways to decorate a space. You can also use branches and flowers… anything from the planet green!


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2. Interior trends – Curvy furniture

Curved shapes were one of the biggest trends during the ’60s. As health and wellness trends continue to increase, interior designers and architects are choosing to include more calm elements in their projects such as curvy shapes and rounded edges. 

It’s definitely a way of embracing a more relaxed feel and 2020 needs such a calming feeling. Shapes make an impact on our behavior and how we feel. Curves are comfortable and have the virtue of inviting for a conversation. Don’t you agree?

Photo courtesy tacchini italia furniture
photo courtesy of gubi
curved pouf – photo courtesy of kristina dam studio

3. Interior trends – Sculptural decor objects

Recently I talked about sculptural ceramic table lamps and how they have taken shape as a proper lighting design trend.

Lamps are not the only object being influenced by this trend. Sculptural decor items are all over the pages of interior magazines and on Pinterest and the reason is that they elevate any space ‘just’ with their shapes. They’re actually anything but frivolous. I gathered some of my current favorite pieces for you!

bauhaus dining table – photo courtesy kristina dam studio
femme bowl by alentes | essential details – photo courtesy alentes
Earth vase series – photo courtesy of studio yen
kink vase – photo courtesy of muuto





4. Interior trends – Colorful bathrooms

This trend is more of a comeback than a new trend. If you were a kid in the 70s or in the 80s you probably grew up having a colorful bathroom at home. Mine, for example, was white and blue and I still remember the beautiful blue tiles covering the walls: their texture resembled the sand ripples on a beach.

Colorful bathrooms practically disappeared after the 80s but today we see a modern reinterpretation of the concept.

The use of color is carefully considered yet somehow braver than in the past (just think about neon pops of color). And the good news is that those colorful editions are becoming more widely available meaning the costs are coming down over time.

Here below some inspiring brands that produce colorful basins, taps, and shower mixers. They could come in handy in case you want to embrace the colorful bathroom trend!








Cover photo: Ether Settee sofa, courtesy of Jonathan Adler

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