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Meet me

I can’t remember when I started loving beautiful interiors. 

I think my passion for interior design was born when I was still a kid — and I have to thank my grandmother for this. She was deeply passionate about art, enough to collect paintings, and she used to change the arrangement of furniture in the house almost every month. Grandma Carla bought lots of interior design magazines and collected them in a basket next to the couch. I remember Sundays spent flicking through the pages of those magazines, dreaming of having one day a beautiful home to decorate and live in with my family. 

That dream came true and my passion for home stories and furniture turned into a proper job 10 years ago, when I started working for interior magazines as a freelance journalist

10 years (and lots of stories) later, I’ve made a step further and became an interior decorator. From a challenging 2020 something good came out: extra time. Extra time that I spent attending classes on color theory, lighting, furniture styles, and floor plans and I’m running my first interior decoration consulting projects. Mine is an unconventional path to becoming an interior decorator but I am strong with 10 years of working in the design industry gathering first-hand experience, refining my taste and my eye for design, and connecting with architects, furniture designers, and suppliers.

I share what I know and my tips for making your home beautiful, and truly yours, here on my blog — crescenzi.ch 

The blog started out as a place to mostly share news and thoughts on my job but it turned into a digital sourcebook to visit anytime you are looking for interior & decor inspiration, useful resources, tips, products, and design places to visit. My mission is to help you look at your home with fresh eyes so you can turn it into a place you love and you feel just right in. Even if you live in a rented apartment as myself: don’t give up on making it truly your own. 

In its very first year up and running the blog got shortlisted for the 2020 edition of the AMARA Interior Blog Awards. An important acknowledgment of the hard work done so far and an incredible energy booster for the future!

Something about my interior style and the principles I’m drawn to 

When it comes to creating serene, cozy and well-curated interiors I’m all in. If I had to define my style, I would say it is Scandinavian with Mediterranean influences and this is partly because of my roots and partly because of my expat life beyond the Alps. I’m Italian, born in beautiful Rome and raised in a town North of the city, which was once the homeland for the Etruscans and the Romans. From those ancient cultures I draw my love for tactile, natural materials and for ceramics (especially terracotta). That part of Italy is where volcanic tuff and clay are typical materials and when I moved up North I brought those warm textures and earthy color shades with me. 

I love to build lively and warm spaces that are expressions of the people who live in those spaces. 

I’ve always been a fan of the ‘less-is-more approach’ to interior design, and this is certainly something Scandinavian, but I don’t like lifeless, rigid spaces. A house can be equipped with expensive furniture but without personality bringing it to life it will never feel like home. 

Independently from the style, I think the perfect interior is built around the needs and the personality of the occupants and is a well-balanced mix of materials, textures, and harmonious colors. 

«Domestic space is where we live our lives. It both reflects and contains our inner life, our social life, our ethics, our mindset, our identity, our family, our roots, our sense of belonging and longing. It is where so many of the important events in our lives take place»

Ilse Crawford – interior designer {her work and holistic approach to interior design really inspires me}