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Bold ways to use color in your home

In July I published an article called «Easy ways to add color to your home» and you loved it! You loved it so much that you asked me to write a second article on the use of color. But this time talking about bold ways to use color in your home.

Colors are energy made visible. I’ve been studying color theory and the impact of colors on our interiors in the latest months so… I couldn’t wait anymore to write this article!

If there is anything I learned in the courses and books on the use of color, it’s that each color, each hue has a specific psychological effect. Colors influence our mood, the way we perceive an environment, and even our perception of a brand or a product.

If you are interested in learning more about color theory, let me know and we’ll talk about it in a future article. Meanwhile, what is important to know for today’s post is «if you want a brighter, more energized space, whether your home or office or anywhere else, the experts agree that the first step is to lighten the largest surfaces: walls, floors, cabinets, and counters.» (from the book ‘Joyful’ by Ingrid Fetell Lee).

Keep reading: you’ll look at colors in a whole new way after this post!

Bold ways to use color in your home. Color block your walls (or ceilings)

Color-blocking makes your walls pop. Literally! It’s a cool way to make a statement in any room of your home and you can create a focal point without the need to add decor items.

That means you can keep your space minimal and uncluttered yet very lively. There are many ways to create color blocks but one of the most common is painting halfway up the wall; you’ll have what it’s called the ‘boiserie-effect’.

But you can experiment and create color-blocked corners, doors, ceilings…the only limit is your imagination! You can play with vibrant, bright colors but also with more soothing hues. Below some inspirational photos.

image source
photo: roberto ruiz for colombo and serboli architecture. image source
image source
photo courtesy of hiruki studio – image source
photo courtesy of file under pop

Bold ways to use color in your home. Wallpaper love

Wallpaper is one of the current key trends. 2020 is the year of bold wallpaper designs, 3D, tromp l’œil effects, scenographic patterns… one is spoilt for choice!

Forget traditional wallpapers: today you can have bespoke wallpaper and thanks to technical improvements also waterproof variants. You can use it even in bathrooms and showers.

I’ve been saving ideas on Pinterest for years and here below I share some of the brands I think you should check out.

photo courtesy degournay – image source
photo courtesy of degournay. image source
Photo courtesy of Glamora
photo courtesy of glamora
photo courtesy of wallpepper
photo courtesy of file under pop
MURALS WALLPAPER – photo courtesy of murals wallpaper

Bold ways to use color in your home. Tile your surfaces

Tiles have proved to be very versatile. Tiles aren’t just for backsplash and bathrooms anymore, you can use them in any room of your house.

Go for vibrant colors, bold shapes, or textured options. You can start small by decorating a corner, a piece of furniture, or just a portion of your floor, and once you are more confident, try to decorate entire walls or even whole rooms.

PHOto courtesy of claybrook studio
mosaic factory – image source

Bold ways to use color in your home. Choose statement (and colorful) furniture pieces

In my previous article about easy ways to add color to your home one of my tips was painting furniture, even just for their small details.

This time I am talking about bold designs, statement furniture pieces that blend design and art. Be fearless and go for colorful and playful pieces.

Design/Miami Basel is usually a big source of inspiration for this kind of furniture and accessories. Below I’ve gathered some photos I’m sure will inspire you.

Three characters in the second act: The Royal Family» by Adam Nathaniel Furman. photo credits: federico floriani, courtesy of camp design gallery
photo courtesy of sabine marcelis – image source
image source
wink chair masquespacio – photo credits: luis beltran for masquespacio
graphic tables – photo courtesy of nortstudio
standing shelves by crosby studios – image source

Did you like this dive into colorful ways to energize your interiors?

I really enjoyed writing this post about bold ways to use color in your home! I’ll wait for your comments and photos of your bright spaces. Just make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see your snapshots.


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    Bello tutte soluzioni molto interessanti sarebbe bello ogni tanto cambiare gli interni.
    😊 Nadia

    • Valeria Crescenzi

      Grazie! Questo soluzioni per aggiungere colore alla casa sono più di impatto rispetto ad altre un pochino più facili da realizzare che avevo consigliato in un precedente articolo. Ci sono tantissime soluzioni oggi e anche tanti design adatti a creare ambienti di stili diversi 🙂

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