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Ceramics, ceramics everywhere!

If you already follow me on Pinterest or Instagram, you probably noticed that I have a penchant for ceramics. I find them so uniquely beautiful and utilitarian that allow for many uses and decor arrangements.

There are a number of reasons to love ceramics: they are handmade, tactile, and down-to-heart items. They add soul (and texture) to any space. They last a lifetime, you can pass them from generation to generation.

If you can’t stop filling your home with ceramics as I do, keep reading. The selection comprises small, medium, and big brands and it’s organized by category so you can easily browse around.

Kitchen ceramics


Founders Francesca de La Fuente and Maria Strada brought a slice of Spanish ceramic heritage to Los Angeles. Their ceramics are handmade in Southern Spain using traditional techniques from the past centuries. Pomelo Casa collections have vibrant, happy colors ranging from sunny yellow to orange, from bright green to Mediterranean blue.


Francesca, the founder of Carta da Zucchero, is an architect creating lovely ceramics. She experiments with new techniques, color combinations, and finishings. She always makes drawings before producing her pieces and finish them by hand. There is no mass production or proper collections: each piece is unique and versatile. I love her “dentropiatti” that you can use as traditional plates, appetizer trays or mug plates.

PHOTO: Valentina consonni x fashion flavors. courtesy of carta da zucchero
dentropiatti, carta da zucchero. photo: courtesy of carta da zucchero


Sambonet needs no introductions. The company history dates back to 1856 and since then it developed a huge catalog. For my «ceramic, ceramic everywhere» post of today, I highlight their TerraCotto cookware collection signed by Stefania Vasques. It’s made of earthenware and reminds of the traditional terracotta pots from the past. You can use the pots on electric, glass-ceramic, and cooktops, in ovens, and microwaves. They are also dishwasher safe. A clever and practical design that doesn’t compromise on form.

sambonet terracotto collection – image source
sambonet terracotto collection – image source


Powdery colors and geometric carvings for the ceramics created by Dutch Lenneke Wispelwey. Colors are mixed by hand, this is why each time they present slightly different tones that make them unique. «Fragile Opulence» is my favorite collection encompassing, among others, small bowls, cups, plates and pitchers.

Decorative ceramics


Paola Paronetto’s creations are sculptural yet delicate objects with great home decor power. In my humble opinion, they work at their best when grouped in different shapes and tones. My favorite from Paola Paronetto is the paper clay collection which includes bottles, vessels, bowls, and even lamps.

paola paronetto – image source
Paola paronetto – image source


I discovered Federica Bubani’s ceramics a couple of years ago thanks to the Maison&Objet fair in Paris and I fell in love with the textures of her products. Based in Faenza (Italy) but working worldwide, Federica creates very beautiful vases, candles, wall clocks, terracotta fragrance diffusers… collaborating with other talented designers and artists.

TIP: mix and match ceramic items of different shapes and colors to create lively and beautiful corners in your living spaces. This is one of the easiest ways to add color to your home!


Elegant and painted in colorful shades, Sophie Cook items are perfect to add a pop of color to your living space. The more you have the merrier: you can arrange them by color or by contrasting hues to style a sideboard or a coffee table. They look gorgeous also on shelves. I find some of the shapes particularly interesting (have a look at the Peach Squat Pod below and let me know if it’s not gorgeous).

image source
image source

Gardening ceramics and planters


From Portugal with love, Motel a Miio collections range from tableware to lamps, from vases to candles. At home I have a couple of pieces from them (the Nuno Vase in pastel pink and the decanter Pimguim yellow rose speckled) and I am really happy with them. They are affordable pieces produced in a fair and environmentally friend environment.


Serax has a huge catalog. The Belgian brand produces everything from tableware to furniture and leather bags but this time I focus on their pottery and urban jungle collections. They have pottery items in different styles: from modern and minimal vases to more textured earthware or a bit glossy ones. You have plenty of option depending on the style and colors you are looking for.

If you liked the article, share it with your friends and let me know what are your favorite pottery designers and brands. I am always on the lookout for new suggestions!

More ideas about ceramics in my Pinterest board.


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