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Design Apéro: chapter five

The fifth since its launch. The first of 2020. February 19th a new Design Apéro took place and this time it was all about networking and Japanese craftsmanship.

If you are already following me, you know that once per month I organize a new chapter of the Design Apéro. This is a networking initiative conceived for the design and architecture branch I launched in September 2019. For the February instance, I chose a location in Zürich old town: a beautiful store called Onoda. If it sounds Japanese to you, you heard right. The store is a hidden gem founded by Ena Onoda, a place where you can find a fine selection of products and accessories made from artisans and designers with Japanese roots.

A dive into Japanese craftsmanship

During the event we took a dive into Japanese craftsmanship thanks to Ena’s presentation. We’ve been guided through some of the most fascinating regions of Japan following a «physical map» made out of products like candles, textiles, cast iron teapots and paper. A sneak peek into traditional techniques now rediscovered and reinterpreted with a modern twist by new generations of artisans.

Networking time

Slowly the Design Apéro unfolded into a relaxing and inspiring evening. This time a group of 12 talented professionals gathered to meet for the first time and started sharing ideas and projects for the future. This is one of the main strengths of the Design Apéro: being a venue for meaningful networking while sipping a good glass of wine. A relaxed event during which you can always learn something new, discover beautiful spots in Zürich and being inspired by the people you are chatting with.

This chapter supporters

This chapter has been supported by Viticolo, that provided natural rosé wine from Italy, and foundbyheart for the amazing photos. And of course, thank you to Ena Onoda for the beautiful location. The next chapter will be held on March 25th in a secret location in Zürich. If you are interested in participating, keep reading, and follow the required steps below.

Do you want to be one of the guests of the next Design Apéro? Read below what to do.

The Design Apéro is a (G)local event that takes place once per month in Zürich. It’s a special initiative by invitation only to foster connections and start building meaningful professional relationships. If you work in the area of design and/or architecture and want to take part in one of the next chapters, send an email to with the following info (Subject: Design Apéro):

A brief introduction of yourself // Why do you want to take part in the Design Apéro // Your website/portfolio // Your LinkedIn profile. In case you’ll be selected, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the useful details.

Do you want to be one of the next hosts? Or making an in-kind sponsorship?

Since the Apéros are free of charge, I’m looking for hosts and local sponsors who are willing to provide a nice venue, drinks & and nibbles, contributing to creating a pleasant experience for all the participants. Being a sponsor means building a stronger community around your business while gaining a bit of extra exposure. I’m happy to discuss all the details during a meeting in person. Drop me a line ( to plan a first meeting with me at your location (Zürich). Subject: partnership.

Have a look at the previous Design Apéros here. And don’t forget to follow the official hashtag #designapéro on Instagram to get a glimpse of the next events.

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