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Guests participating at the second Design Apéro

Design Apéro: chapter two

I’m amazed by how different each Design Apéro can turn out. Since its nomadic soul (once per month in a different location with different attendees) each Apéro develops a unique atmosphere and, therefore, unique conversations between its guests. The second Design Apéro took place on October 8th in Zürich. 10 professionals gathered together to meet in person and share the projects they are currently developing.

It has been a very pleasant evening, spent in a wonderful shop called Norkind — a place for all the design lovers in the Wiedikon area. Guests joined from Basel, St. Gallen, Zürich… forming a group of both local and international people. This is a healthy mix of professionals that enjoyed the new connections and the chance to go home not just with a bunch of business cards rather with fresh ideas, new insights, and the beginning of genuine relationships.

«How to network cool? I had the pleasure of being part to the Design Apéro #2 and it’s a bliss! I appreciate Valeria’s approach to bring new people together. She makes every event unique and creates opportunities for connection and fruitful collaborations amongst various creative individuals» – Milena Zeloni, Photographer

The special guest of this chapter was Danish architect Maria Zacharie, representing the company File Under Pop in Switzerland. She introduced the company through the story of its founder, Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer. Her journey toward the creation of a company that specializes in surface design producing tiles, lava stones, hand-painted wallpapers and paints was very inspiring. We heard about a poetical and musical approach in creating new spaces where tiles are not just an accessory but the centerpiece of an interior project.

«As a ceramic designer, opportunities to bond with like-minded people in other disciplines seem to be very rare. For this reason, the Design Apéro is something very valuable for me. I was very honored to be invited to the first chapter, a very inspiring and relaxed evening. Valeria has a good flair for bringing people together. Thank you for that.» – Marcel Krummenacher, Ceramic designer

«I had the pleasure of participating in Valeria Crescenzi Design Aperos. First time as a guest, the second time as a special guest to speed the knowledge about File Under Pop products, being the official agent here in Switzerland. On both occasions, a small group of guests were invited, who were all related to design and architecture. This has been a very positive experience for me to connect, get inspired by, and relate to other colleagues and like-minded people. I am amazed about Valeria’s skills to connect with people and make things happen around her. It is not always so easy in the fairly reserved Switzerland. Chapeaux, Valeria!» – Maria Zachariae, Architect

Inspiring stories such as this one are at the core of the Design Apéro event series. When we hear the stories behind a brand or a project we start paving the way for future conversations that can turn into collaborations, initiatives, interviews, joint ventures… I know it’s been only the second chapter, but I always come back home with a lot of energy and inputs for the future. And listening to the very positive feedback of the guests I can say it’s a shared feeling.

Special thanks:

NORKIND – HEIMWAREN. Thank you Dorothée and Domenic for being such lovely hosts. Your shop is like a little heaven for design lovers.

MILENA ZELONI PHOTOGRAPHY AND ASSISTANCE – Thank you, Milena, for being our official photographer and for capturing the essence and the atmosphere of the evening. All the photos in this recap are made by her.

VITICOLO – Last, but not least at all, thank you, Lorenzo, for providing tasty wines with beautiful stories behind. Lorenzo personally selects the producers from Italy importing in Switzerland only the best from Italian natural wines.

The next Design Apéro will take place in the first week of November. Details will follow. Meanwhile, have a look at the previous chapters and let’s keep in touch via social media: Instagram + Facebook.

Do you want to be one of the guests of the next Design Apéro? Read below what to do.

The Design Apéro is a (G)local event that takes place once per month in Zürich, a special initiative by invitation only to foster connections and start building meaningful professional relationships. If you work in the area of design and/or architecture and want to take part in one of the next chapters send me an email at with the following info (Subject: Design Apéro):

A brief introduction of yourself // Why do you want to take part in the Design Apéro // Your website/portfolio/blog // Your LinkedIn profile. In case you’ll be selected, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the useful details

Do you want to be one of the next hosts? Or making an in-kind sponsorship?

Since the Apéros are free of charge, I’m looking for hosts and local sponsors who are willing to provide a nice venue, drinks and nibbles & more, contributing to creating a pleasant experience for all the participants. Being a sponsor means building a stronger community around your business while gaining a bit of extra exposure. I’m happy to discuss all the details during a meeting in person.

Send me an email at to plan a first meeting with me at your location (Zürich). Subject: partnership.


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