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Design hotels: Les Haras Strasbourg

Located nearby the banks of the «Petite France», one of the most characteristic neighbourhoods in Strasbourg, Les Haras Hotel is the former National Stud Farm converted in a charming four-star hotel inspired by the equestrian world.


The housing complex has been built in the mid of the 18th Century serving firstly as the headquarter of Strasbourg horse riding academy and, at a later time, as the National Stud Farm. Les Haras had an intermittent history: it has been closed during the French Revolution and reopened under Napoleon I but closed again between 1823 and 1845. Its recent history begins in 2009 when the city of Strasbourg entrusted the IRCAD (Institute for Research into Cancer of the Digestive System) of the renovation and management of the location.

Classified as a historical monument in 1922, the structure shows a main front made of pink sandstone and has a central section with three wings: the grand entrance with the lodgements of the master equerry, the former stables and manège and the royal stables. They are all connected to the others thanks to a semicircular moulded arcade.

Les Haras microcosmos has been renovated and refurbished by the architects and designers Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku from Paris.


55 rooms inspired by the location’s history. Jouin and Manku decided to use leather and wood to recreate the original atmosphere of Les Haras but giving it a contemporary twist. The renovation resulted in a minimal, warm ambiance with rooms ranging from 19 to 34 sq.m. The classic rooms are a bit small but well organized and comfortable.

Here and there are disseminated references to the past of Les Haras: curtain draw pulls are finished with plaited horsehair or straw brushes, the headboards are made of leather and linen, and small stools have been shaped in the form of saddles. The en-suite bathroom comes with either a shower or a combined tub and shower.


Les Haras complex includes the namesake Brasserie, led by two-Michelin-star chef Marc Haeberlin. It has a spectacular staircase surrounded by wooden strips on which the waiters whiz with their large trays. The brasserie occupies the former royal stables and shows the original timber cross beams.

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