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Holiday Gift Guide: beautiful Ideas for kids

Today we are on a mission to find the perfect gift for the little ones! I’ve been collecting ideas for days before writing this third Holiday Gift Guide (read the previous ones here) to make sure that every single recommendation is a home run.

Before diving into the actual gift ideas, a little bit about how the guide works.

This guide specifically gathers ideas for babies, toddlers, and little kids and that is why you’ll find a breakdown by age instead of categories of toys. The guide gathers eco-friendly gifts that are great for boys and girls alike (children of any gender just need to enjoy whatever type of toy they like). You will not find the new Nintendo Switch or kids’ electronics: I went analog (you’ll find a lot of wooden toys) and chose non-tech toys to get your kids’ imagination revved up.

Without further ado, here are some beautiful gift ideas for your little ones!

Ideas for babies (0-1 yrs)

Clockwise from top:

Wooden car music box (APRIL ELEVEN)

Baby rattles in organic cotton (MERI MERI)

Wooden Activity Arch (SEBRA)

Knud floating bath toys in natural rubber (LIEWOOD)

Happy weather baby mobile made of soft knitted cotton (MERI MERI)

Muslin cloths (OYOY)

Saturn teething toys (DOVE AND DOVELET)

Glenn Activity blanket (LIEWOOD)

Benny fabric book with crackling pages (LIEWOOD)

Organic cotton baby comforters (FABELAB)

Cloud Music Mobile (FERM LIVING)

Puppy Knit Toy (MAIN SAUVAGE)


Ideas for toddlers (1-3 yrs)

This age asks for appropriate educational yet fun toys. Toddlers need to develop different skills such as motor and early learning skills. Toys like large block puzzles and anything with moving parts are just perfect options for this age.

Clockwise from top:

Building blocks natural Neo (KID’S CONCEPT)

Block train natural (KID’S CONCEPT)

Rocking Vespa (KID’S CONCEPT)

Abacus rainbow nature (OYOY LIVING DESIGN)

Cotton butterfly wings (ZARA HOME KIDS)

Baby Trike with green finish (BANWOOD)

Wooden Tray Puzzle (WEE GALLERY)

Bamboo Numbers (WEE GALLERY)

Ideas for little kids (4-8 yrs)

All children are different and develop at their own pace but usually, kids at this age are looking for more interactive activities. They want to build and create and that is why arts & craft kits, models, and anything related to building (and disassembling) work just fine for them.

Clockwise from top:

Motor mechanic, wooden car (PLAN TOYS)

Victorian Dollhouse (PLAN TOYS)

Tipi Tent mini off white (KID’S CONCEPT)

Balance board (WOBBEL)

The wooden Workbench (FLEXA)

Organic modeling clay (AILEFO)

Wooden toy guitar (KID’S CONCEPT)

3D cardboard unicorn to build (STUDIO ROOF)

Archiville, 3D cardboard city to build (STUDIO ROOF)

3D cardboard DIY T-Rex (STUDIO ROOF)

Winston Night light (LIEWOOD)


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