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How to style the table for Christmas

If I think of past Christmases, the table is where I’ve made the memories I am most fond of. A table decorated with love and enlivened by the laughter of family and friends is the best Christmas gift ever.

The table setting is usually my task. I love this simple yet essential ritual that anticipates the actual convivial moment. This article is the third of a small series dedicated to decorating the home for Christmas. And as you already understood, it gives you ideas on how to style the table for Christmas.

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My table setting for Christmas 2021

This year the inspiration comes from the concept of color blocking which means that you pair two or three totally different colors together to make a bold statement.

I’ve prepared a table for two but you can apply my suggestions to bigger tables just replicating the setting for as many guests as you have.

This year there is no tablecloth but only blu and terracotta placemats in different shapes and materials (the blu one is made of organic cotton while the terracotta placemat is made of faux leather). I used a touch of gold for the cutlery and red dried flowers to give the table setting a “Christmas aura”. It’s not Christmas without some gold and red!

For the plates I chose two different patterns and colors pairing blu and coral decorative motives.

As for the glasses, I went for my white Murano glasses (a gift for my wedding): they match perfectly with all the colors present in the whole table setting.

As you can see this table setting is very easy to replicate. I really wanted it to be carefree and above all to show you how by mixing everyday plates, glasses and accessories you can achieve a festive and playful effect!

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