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Smart and beautiful desk organizer sets

When I was a kid, around this time of the year, I used to go shopping for stationery. The school would resume in two weeks and that meant it was time to buy everything needed for going back to school.

I still remember junior-me wandering around the shelves in the stationery department with eyes wide open. Diaries, pens, notebooks, pencil cases, and many colorful desk accessories… there hasn’t been a year when I didn’t want to buy the whole stationery department!

Many years have passed but my love for stationery and desk accessories never faded away. I don’t go to school anymore but I still have this habit of mine to look for a new agenda and something new for my desk at this very exact time of the year.

When design meets stationery beautiful accessories are created. The time has come to share my extensive knowledge as a stationery expert with you. Today we talk about smart and beautiful desk organizer sets.

Desk landscaping – Tiny city desk set by Triple Livings

When I found this desk organizer set I thought: this is just mind-blowing. The guys at Triple Livings (Taiwan) have created a desk set that can be put together like a small town. Pen holders and sharpeners resemble urban buildings and architecture and that is where the name Tiny City comes from. The mind-blowing part is the material they used to make those objects: it’s called Celement and it’s a mixture of cement and silicone. It looks like cement but it’s soft and pliable. Again…mind-blowing!

NIU desk organizer set by Dragos Motica

This desk set is made of cork and white aluminum. Dragos Motica designed different accessories from pen holders to phone/tablet supports and tape dispenser that can be arranged according to the size of your desk. The style is minimal with rounded shapes. This aspect and the texture of the cork both enhance the playfulness of the set while keeping a natural, kind-of-raw look.

Lands collection – Carlos Jiménez Design

This is a collection for wood lovers and travelers at heart. Carlos Jiménez’s desk organizer set is inspired by the aerial views on the fields we see every time the plane takes off. The set is very versatile and you can create your own set choosing from wooden trays in different sizes and forms. The idea is simple yet very functional and it’s been awarded the prestigious red dot design award 2020.

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Hay playful office accessories

HAY didn’t create an actual desk set but has an array of office accessories that when put together furnish the desk giving it a playful and always colorful touch. I LOVE the plissé archive folder for documents and papers that I would match with a Tool Box and a selection of their bits and bobs circular containers + anything office essentials.

P.S. If you like the style of HAY, have a look at the new office accessories. Among them, I have a crush on the paper paper bins designed by Clara von Zweigbergk and made from FSC recycled paper.

Portable desk organizer set – Present & Correct

Who said that a desk organizer set has to be permanent? If you are often on the go, Present & Correct sells a wooden portable toolbox that I think is very ingenious. You basically have all you need in a box. The toolbox is handcrafted in Japan and has smaller trays and compartments to store different objects such as pens, erasers, scissors, and so on.

Daniel Garcia Sanchez – Kesito desk organizer set

Kesito is a desk organizer set that dates back to 2014 but I find it still relevant. It’s been designed to unclutter the surface of the desk where usually a lot of small objects are scattered all over. Kesito is formed by three-diamond-shaped pieces made in solid pine that you can arrange in different forms and use for different purposes.

Did you find your new desk organizer set among those I selected for you? If you love stationery, would you like me to focus on specific products such as agendas, pens, notebooks, erasers, and write a new article? Let me know in the comments below.

Cover photo: courtesy of HAY.

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