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Mismatched table setting

Steal this idea. Setting a mismatched breakfast table

Today’s blog post is about creating some magic at home.

We are going through a tough time and now more than ever we need something beautiful and joyful to cheer us up. So, find yourself a quiet spot and read on. We are going to create a mismatched table setting for breakfast!

I love, repeat, loooove setting a beautiful table. Better if it involves mixing and matching different colors and patterns: it creates an eclectic style that can be unique and truly your own.

I’m so true to this belief that I don’t own any full dinner set.

I mostly have pairs of plates I combine each time in different ways. No matter if it’s a special occasion, a dinner for two, an afternoon tea, or a large table for friends coming over (sorry, this option is currently unavailable).

The reason why I love mismatched table settings is that they create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Gathering around the table and sharing food is definitely a relaxed and happy experience.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table

Setting a mismatched table – The only rule to follow

There is only one rule to follow when setting a mismatched table: as long as the colors and styles blend, you can use a variety of plates, mugs, cutlery, and jugs.

You can draw inspiration from the season (for example I use my plates with sea-themed designs during Summer) or from the occasion (is it a birthday or an anniversary?) either way let you be guided by the colors and the patterns you love.

If you love ceramics and tableware as much as I do, browse some of the most interesting brands I’ve met so far. I’ve rounded up them in the article ‘Ceramics, ceramics everywhere!

Now that you know the one rule to follow, I show you the table setting I created for our breakfast for two this weekend. Steal this idea for your next Sunday breakfast!

To set the table I used some of the plates from the new collection GRANDMA by Carta da Zucchero. They are a modern take on Lodi ceramics, a production that dates back to ancient times and that reached its golden age between the 18th and 19th Centuries.

I’m in love with the sinuous and elegant shape of the plates, I cannot help but go down memory lane and think about my grandmother and the ‘pranzi della domenica’ (Sunday lunches) with all the family reunited.

Since the plates are all mismatched pieces (of course!) and have playful geometric patterns, I mixed them with some of the most colorful espresso cups I have. White clay is painted (or speckled) in orange, pink, blue, and yellow… all happy shades to start the day with a smile. Just get some bright sunshine as extra ingredient and you’ll be ready to serve breakfast!

STYLING TIP: blue and yellow is a lovely color combination as they are at opposite quadrants on the color wheel. Yellow is in both the dessert plates but only one of them has a blu dot in the center. That’s why I put the blu espresso cup next to that plate and the yellow cup next to the plate with pink and orange shapes. For your table, you can play with complementary colors as I did or go for a single color table setting. Look at what you already have at home and let your creativity flow!

Since I was already down on memory lane, I backed a plumcake following the recipe of the traditional ciambellone (don’t ask me for the recipe because every Italian family has its own version and proportions are not set in stone ) and used the orange chequered plate as a serving tray.

…And that’s it! The beautiful thing about a mismatched table is that you can relax and mix&match what you already have in your kitchen. No need for overly staged table settings. Just create a table in which you can see plenty of yourself.

THE DETAIL: if you want a coffee kick without giving up on the pleasure of a cappuccino, try a mini version of it. I used two of my espresso cups, I poured a good dose of freshly brewed coffee and then topped with a couple of teaspoons of foam.

Did this table make you want to bake a cake and take some time to just be together?

I loved setting this table using handmade and unique plates. I’m a supporter of independent brands since forever and I love that my job allows me to discover talented, creative people and share their beautiful stories with you.

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DISCLOSURE: this blog post is in partnership with Carta da Zucchero. The plates used to style this table have been gifted.

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Photos: Valeria Crescenzi

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