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my Mediterranean table

Table decor. My Mediterranean Summer table

Bare feet in the sand.

The salt on the skin after a dip in the sea.

A slice of «pizza bianca» eaten in the sun.

A bunch of golden wheat spikes.

The happy chatter around the table until late…

Glimpses of Summer I carry in my heart from childhood. Moments of happiness that every Summer take me back to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the places where I grew up surrounded by the love of my family.

Here up North, I miss such a Mediterranean atmosphere during Summer. I can’t recreate the scent of the sea, but I love to surround myself with the textures, colors, and accessories that remind me of my hometown. So…today I want to show you how it looks my Mediterranean Summer table. And I start with a mood board. Of course!

Summer to me is an ode to the «less is more» philosophy. It’s bare feet and no watch to check every single minute. At home, it translates into linen tablecloths, earthy materials, and neutral hues.

I love to mix and match tableware (I don’t have a proper set at home) but always in a harmonious way. I like it when all the plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery speak the same language even though they are different by design. For my Mediterranean Summer table, I used tableware coming from at least four different collections (and three countries).

As you can see, I like to keep things simple.

You don’t need many objects to create a welcoming table setting. TIP: always use objects and tableware that means something special to you. For example, my Mediterranean Summer table has a permanent guest: the pot belly pitcher you see below. It’s a souvenir of a beautiful trip to Puglia I did 8 years ago and I still love it. If you dress the table with objects that talk about you you’ll feel happier and so the friends you’ll gather at the table.

Did you like my Mediterranean Summer table? If you want to share some photos of your Summer table settings tag me on Instagram @valeria_crescenzi so I can have a look at your beautiful arrangements!

Photos: Valeria Crescenzi

My passion for tablescapes is not a secret and I can’t stop collecting inspiring images on Pinterest. Have a look at the board I created on table styling.


  • Nadia Scrocca

    Bella tavola e tutti oggetti che richiamano l’estate e lasciano immaginare un luogo tranquillo e sereno.
    Complimenti ciao Nadia

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