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This is how you make your home cozy for Autumn

When it’s grey and rainy outside I dream about sunny days and warm temperatures. Then Summer comes and after weeks into ‘feels like 40 degrees’ weather I start longing for Autumn. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons — and not only because my birthday is in late September.

I love it when mornings start to get cooler and the leaves change their colors showing that bursting, beautiful pigments.

Connect Modular Sofa – Rime 591. Leaf Floor Lamp – Black. Oslo Lounge Chair – Steelcut 180. Mini Stacked – Oak. photoc courtesy of muuto

As I was writing last week in the «top color trends you’ll love in Fall/Winter 2020/21» article, just as our wardrobe changes from season to season, so does our home. Even the most neutral and timeless home decor loves seasonal accents. They allow us to savor the seasons to the fullest and are proof that our home is a living being.

Without further ado, this is how you make your home cozy for Autumn.

1. Choose a cozier and warmer color scheme

Autumn is cozy, grounded, and has a strong connection with nature. To choose a cozier and warmer color scheme, one of the easiest ways is to take inspiration from the trees. Their leaves become yellow, orange, red, brown, and of all the shades in-between.

Keep your basic palette and play with some of these seasonal hues. If you’ve read my article about «easy ways to add color to your home» you already know that there is no right or wrong when it comes to home decor. But my advice is always to stick to two max three main colors. Here below some Autumn color schemes paired with beautiful interiors that match those color hues.

{ color serve } image via: @simonworobec – image shared via design seeds
Lounge corner, products from dekoria – Photo courtesy of dekoria gmbh
{ AUTUMN SETTING } | IMAGE VIA: @BOTTLEBRANCH – image shared via design seeds
image via skandium
Seeds Autumn Classics 10th Anniversary. Originally posted in November 2018 | Image via @girlgoneminimal. shared via design seeds
Stressless® Dining collection – photo courtesy of stressless
{ AUTUMN HUES } | IMAGE VIA: @DUNJAZDERO – image shared via design seeds
{ color gaze } image via: @arctic_stories – image shared via design seeds
Annie Sloan Stencils Bathroom Meadow Flowers Stencil – image courtesy Annie sloan

Colors are energy made visible. If you are looking for ideas to freshen up your interior space, read my article on «bold ways to use color in your home

2. Switch out fabrics

Summer is all about light fabrics: soft linens, muslin, silk… while Autumn calls for more velvety textures or for thicker fabrics. For example, I have two blankets for my sofa and I switch them every time the season changes. Both are 100% cotton-made but the first is very light, it’s an openwork knitted cotton blanket, while the second is thicker and resembles more a quilt.

Change the cover of your pillows on the sofa, add a warmer blanket, switch carpets, change the bedsheets from white to richer color hues. One of the things I like while transitioning from Summer to Autumn decor is adding a folded blanket at the end of the bed. It’s a small hack that gives the bedroom instant warmth. You can also add knotted carpets to give extra texture to your interiors.

Living Room with Isaac rug. A triumph of geometry and colors. photo courtesy of rug’society
elegant ethno plaids – courtesy of Eagle Products Textil GmbH
cushions by dekoria – photo courtesy of dekoria gmbh

3. Replace summer flowers with autumn flowers

This is one of the easiest ways ever to add seasonal accents to any room. And it literally brings nature indoor (which is something so ‘Autumn-y’).

I like to use dried flowers and wreaths because they are more sustainable and durable options. I also love to decorate with branches and Autumn offers you many possibilities: from gorgeous rose branches with their red berries to the orange Physalis alkekengi. You can also decorate with dried fruits, grapes, pumpkins, fallen leaves, red corn…

dekoria vases and candle holders – photo courtesy of dekoria gmbh

4. Set the ambient with cozy fragrances

Don’t underestimate the power of fragrances. They are as much a part of home decor as any piece of furniture or object. From candles to diffusers and incenses, there are plenty of options and styles when it comes to home fragrances.

Since we are talking about transitioning from Summer to Autumn, go for scents like Amber, pumpkin chai, tobacco, fig, vanilla, brown sugar…they are all ‘comforty’ aromas that go well with the autumnal season.

I have a soy candle from Paia Copenhagen that smells like amber and white orchid. It’s a Scandinavian delight and it’s housed in reusable glass.

I also have a cotton-scented cabana candle designed by Federica Bubani: it’s housed in a beautiful terracotta vase with a lid that reminds of a straw hut. And the cool thing is that the terracotta container can be reused when the candle will be gone.

There are many brands producing high-quality and beautifully designed candles and diffusers such as Voluspa, Fornasetti, Urban Apothecary, L:A Bruket, Millefiori Milano, Blomus, Paddywax…you are spoiled for choice!

What to do you think of my 4 steps to make your home cozy for Autumn? I can already feel that Fall vibes and I hope this post inspires you to create and enjoy a cozy atmosphere at home. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below or via Instagram.

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Cover photo: Siyan Peng fro Unsplash


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