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Three interior design ideas using Or.nami’s wallpapers

There is no doubt: this is the wallpaper golden age.

Wallpapers became increasingly popular in the last few years, offering pretty much a design in every color, style, and pattern that suits your interiors. Thanks to technical improvements, now the market also offers many innovative solutions with water-resistant wallpapers that can be used to decorate kitchens and bathrooms.

In the vast sea of ​​wallpaper manufacturers, I had the pleasure of meeting a young Italian brand, Or.nami. Their name means ‘to decorate‘ in Esperanto and their wallpapers have a real big decor power. Inspired by art, design, fashion, and architecture they have developed 4 different collections so far, with the latest being launched this September.

Although they don’t have a large catalog, there is something for everyone: from florals and art-deco-inspired drawings to contemporary geometric patterns and architectural designs. 

Wallpaper is a means of expression that really fascinates me but I know from personal experience that one thing is to admire wallpapers on the pages of an interiors magazine and another is to choose one for your home. «What if I put it up and later I don’t like it?» How many times have you asked yourself this question?

So prepared for you three mood boards to help you visualize how you could combine three of Or.nami’s wallpapers with furniture and accessories.

I imagined a living room, a bedroom, and a home office. For each one of the following possible settings, you’ll find the furniture pieces and accessories I chose complemented with beautiful color schemes. I also asked some questions to Gabriella Fusillo, founder and creative director of Or.nami, to better understand what is the decorative potential of their wallpapers, what are the mistakes to avoid, and why they are an interesting product for you to consider when renovating or giving a little makeover to your home.

The living room – Create a feature wall

Wallpaper is among the bold ways to use color in your home. A wallpapered feature wall is with no doubt one of the most popular ways to create a focal point in a room. It’s a visual statement that really changes the mood of a space.

For my living room, I recreated a reading corner and I chose a design from the last year’s collection (code: ORN_004). It’s an Art Deco-inspired pattern (Art Deco is making a big come back during the latest two years) that recreates the plants’ life cycle during fruit production. I went for this drawing because I fell in love with the warm color shades it has. I find it perfect for this time of the year when a lot of elements in nature have orange, dark green, and yellow-ish shades (for more color inspo, read the top color trends you’ll love in Fall/Winter 2020/21).

These warm tones suggested me earthy furniture pieces and accessories and that is why you will find terracotta lamps and ceramics. For a well-balanced result, the sharp lines contrast with the soft curves of the armchair. What do you think about the final result?


Wallpaper: ORN19_004, vynil (Or.nami) // Armchair: Pacha Lounge Chair (Gubi)// Coffee table: Targua Moroccan Coffee Table (Anthropologie) // Ceramics: Le Morandine by Sonia Pedrazzini // Floor lamps: “James” by Pierre Yovanovitch.

mood board by valeria crescenzi

A question to Gabriella Fusillo – What is the ideal surface for wallpapering?
If the wall is not newly built and has imperfections (such as holes, cracks, bulges or detachments of plaster, etc …) it is necessary to fix the imperfections and then sanding the wall with medium-grit sandpaper. This is in order to obtain a wall that is as smooth and uniform as possible. The wall must be free from dust or damp that could compromise the perfect adhesion of the glue and consequently the aesthetic result of the applied wallpaper.

The home office – Wallpaper over panels

Instead of completely covering all the walls with wallpaper, have you ever thought about an intermediate solution such as wallpaper over wood panels? This is something I recommend to those who feel indecisive and prefer a less demanding solution. You’ll need to first treat the wood panels properly to ensure the wallpaper sticks but in case you don’t like the final effect you can easily remove the panels and come back to the original wall look.

For this home office setting, I envisioned three big wood panels covered in geometric wallpaper (does this pattern from the Graphic Manifesto collection also remind you of the Japanese rice paper doors?). These panels would go on the largest wall in the room being not only a decorative element but also acting as a background for your e-meetings and calls. After all, in these pandemic times, our homes became also our office spaces. On the topic, read my tips on how to create your ideal home office.

I think a home office shouldn’t have too much of that ‘office feel’. It should be something in between an office and a living room: this way, it becomes a fluid space that can be adapted to the different moments of the day. That is the main reason why I used wooden furniture and an earthy color scheme. It’s grounded and I think this helps you in focus on your tasks.

EXTRA TIP: this wallpaper from the newest collection by Terzo Piano for Or.nami comes into two materials, vinyl and silk. I would go with silk to add an extra layer of comfort.

If you want to complement this desk with smart and beautiful desk organizer sets read here.


Wallpaper: ORN20_001 (Or.nami) // Rug: Terrazzo Rug (Rug’Society) // Desk: CPH190 (HAY) // Office chair: Fiber Armchair (muuto) // Portable Table lamp: Como SC53 (&Tradition) // Shelf: Bond shelf (Fogia).

mood board by valeria crescenzi

The (graphic) bedroom – Playing with geometric shapes

Although I don’t currently have any wallpaper in my home, I would love a single wallpapered wall in the bedroom. It’s a great way to emphasize a single wall without the need of adding any artwork.

Many of you would probably go for a subtle pattern (after all the bedroom is the place where you spend time regenerating and resetting) but this time I went bold and chose one of the wallpapers from the Graphic Manifesto Collection. As I wrote above, this is a collection inspired by the world of architecture and has a bright and contemporary character. This specific pattern gives the whole room a depth that would be otherwise difficult to obtain with a simple painting intervention.

The wallpaper in this bedroom suggested me to play with contrast. Rounded shapes in the wallpaper pattern + the essential lines of the canopy bed. Something soft as the bed drapes and the rounded shape of the lounge chair was balanced by the more rigid shape of the coffee table used this time as a nightstand.

I browsed dozens of websites to find you the perfect pieces and the first match that sounded good to me was the one between the wallpaper and the bed. As a general rule of thumb, you first start choosing the big pieces and then the smaller ones and the decor items.


Wallpaper: ORN20_002 (Or.nami) available in silk and vinyl finishings and in two color palettes // Bed: Edward Canopy bed (Driade). Curtains have been a personal add-on // Armchair: Low Gropius Chair (NOOM) // Coffee table: Turi Turi by Antonio Sciortino (LaCividina) // Table Lamp: Atollo by Vico Magistretti (Oluce) // Ceramic sculpture: Loop by Tina Vlassopulos.

mood board by valeria crescenzi

A question to Gabriella Fusillo – Or.nami wallpapers are suitable to be used in any area? (e.g. also in kitchens, bathrooms…)
They can absolutely be installed in all rooms of the house. For wet areas, Or.nami provides the customer with a protective product to coat the wallpaper. This makes the wall waterproof.

DID YOU KNOW that Or.nami follows the NCS color system? This is what Gabriella Fusillo told me when asking why they chose the system: «I believe that a successful project needs well-studied colors. I have always claimed that color is the perceptive element that strikes immediately. It’s the first bearer of information and signals to our senses. This is the reason why I adopted the NCS System from the very first steps of Or.nami. For my projects’ color combinations, the support of the Swedish company was crucial. I have combined my personal taste with a scientific method. The colors within the projects are associated in a coherent manner: in such a way, certain seemingly difficult combinations are ultimately aesthetically very pleasant ones. »

Practical info

If you are not an expert, ask for professional help in rolling out the wallpaper.


  • Vinyl wallpaper (330 grams): 90 €/ sqm
  • Vinyl (410 grams): 130 €/sqm
  • Silk wallpaper: 285€/sqm

More details and technical info on


Cover photo: courtesy of Or.nami

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