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20 sculptural ceramic table lamps to elevate your interiors

In recent years I’ve been noticing as sculptural ceramic table lamps have taken shape as a proper lighting design trend.

This is certainly due to the fact that they are both beautiful and functional objects: not only they are lighting fixtures but also proper decor pieces. For today’s article, I’ve made a selection of 20 sculptural ceramic table lamps that would add character to any interior.

You’ll find a recap of all the models at the end of the article. I’ll wait for your thoughts and to know what are your favorites in this roundup!

P.S. Although at the moment ceramic lamps are in fashion, in my opinion, they will never go out of style. I would consider them an investment when choosing the decor objects in your home.

1. Ceramic table lamp – MOEBE

It’s raw, unglazed porcelain that gives a nice texture to this lamp by Danish brand MOEBE. With a simple touch, you can pivot the lampshade up or down and rotate it around, adjusting the light exactly on the spots you need. It can be a very good option for an office desk as well as on a coffee table as a backlight.

photo courtesy of moebe

2. Ware Lamp by M-S-D-S Studio

Toronto-based M-S-D-S Studio really explored the potential of stoneware when creating this table lamp in 2016. It’s not a new design, but I find it still a relevant and beautiful piece. The Ware lamp is a one-piece slip-cast light with a minimal look and curved reflective interior that diffuses the light elegantly. I find it a perfect suit for a nightstand or a sideboard.

photo courtesy of m-s-d-s-studio

3. OO Lamp by Eni Lee Parker

This handcrafted lamp presents a ceramic body that consists of two joint finger-like figures that bear Satin glass globe shades. It’s available in three sizes and different finishings. Copper, Brass, or Steel for the metal accents; Skin, Terracotta, White Sand, or Brown Clay as base colors.

Photo courtesy of eny lee parker

4. Nais lamp by Luis Eslava for P O T T

This is something quite special in the ceramic table lamp industry: it’s a rechargeable ceramic light (it has a lithium battery) that will follow you in any room. It’s an interactive piece to enliven your home, a design inspired by the moon that diffuses a soft and pleasant light.

photo: marssal, courtesy of p o t t

5. Oblong Loop Lamp by Kassandra Thatcher

This lamp by Kassandra Thatcher seems a dancer body in movement. It’s curvy, elegant, with a natural color shade that makes it perfect for any ambiance. This piece is highly decorative, it’s a statement piece I would use in the living room but also on a beautiful shelf in the hallway.

photo courtesy of kassandra thatcher

6. Sarah Nedovic table lamp

Partly sculpture and partly light fixture, this lamp comes from down under (Australia). Sarah Nedovic makes sculptural lamps named after significant women in history. All are made to order and are between 50-60 cm tall. These sculptural pieces are beautiful also without lampshades.

photo courtesy of sarah nedovic

7. Little Hills table lamp by Virginia Sin

Named after Rolling Hills, California, a town the designer grew up next to, this lamp features curvy shapes that take inspiration from the location’s terrain. A nice touch is the light bulb, representing the position of the sun. This lamp is made to order and is part of a larger collection called ‘Out West’.

photo courtesy virginia sin

8. Bulle table lamp by Elisa Uberti

This table lamp is like a little companion. It seems coming straight out of an animation movie. It’s a playful design whose rounded shape makes it particularly en vogue right now.

photo courtesy of elisa uberti

9. ‘Rolling’ by Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda for Metalarte

This portable ceramic lantern is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a modern take on ceramic lamps and presents a rough, organic aesthetic. It’s part of a bigger collection called ‘Stones’.

10. Hebe Lamp – Ferm Living

Part of the Hebe lamp series this version is a new take on classic ceramic lamp. It has a curvy, feminine silhouette inspired by nature. The base lamp has a matte finish that can be combined with different available lampshades.

photo courtesy of ferm living

11. White Capri table lamp by Isabelle Sicart

This table lamp is the most expensive of my selection but it’s more than a lamp. It’s a proper sculpture, a unique art object with very precise and refined lines. It has a singular geometric shape that is hard to define. This is certainly a statement piece!

photo courtesy as seen on rose uniacke

12. Jos Devriendt Night & Day table lamp

Jos Devriendt defines his lamps as ‘functional sculptures’… no definition has been more appropriate! The Night & Day collection has gorgeous color shades and minimalist shapes that allow the light to create beautiful ‘chiaroscuro’ shades. This is only one of the designs available in the collection. Pick the one that suits best your room!

photo courtesy: as seen on Pierre Marie Giraud website

13. Ceramic table lamp by Zara Home

A beautiful combination of ceramic and straw for this beautiful lamp in green. The three color shades of the base suggest different combinations of lampshades (in case you get tired of the straw). This style matches with Mediterranean interiors.

photo courtesy of zara home

14. Issa Table Lamp, Anthropologie

Calling all the gradient-style lovers out there. This table lamp has an indigo hand-painted earthenware base that makes it perfect for a coastal home. I can already envision it on a desk with ocean view…

photo courtesy of anthropologie

15. Polar table lamp by Ross Gardam

Minimal and elegant, this lamp has a ceramic, unglazed base and a disc that is possible to rotate thanks to a magnetically attached special arm. The disk rotates to diffuse the light in all directions. This is a really brand new design, planned to be dispatched beginning November 2020.

photo courtesy of ross gardam

16. Polygonal table lamp, Sini Roma

Geometry at its best expression in this lamp with a polygonal glazed ceramic base enriched by a geometrically-patched lampshade. It seems a futuristic painting. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind lamp and it’s perfect to give a modern twist to classic interiors.

photo courtesyof sini roma

17. GH X MVNGMTNS table lamp series

A limited-edition lighting collection produced in collaboration with ceramicist, Giselle Hicks. Ceramic bodies are paired with handblown glass lampshades. Each design is unique and brings a contemporary accent to any room.

photo courtesy of moving mountains

18. E.T. Table lampy by Pierre Yovanovitch

Do you recall this lamp? It’s the table version of the lamps I used to create one of the mood boards in the following article ‘Three interior design ideas using Or.nami’s wallpapers‘. I’m in love with this design: it has the right amount of playfulness, an organic shape, and feel, and the unperfect shape of the handblown glass makes it unique.

photo courtesy of pierre Yovanovitch

19. Conduit small table lamp by John Shepard

The Conduit lamp draws inspiration from the brutalist architecture movement. The angled rectangular base is handcrafted from rich red-brown stoneware and include a white white linen shade. It’s definitely a design for those of you that love strong, well-defined lines.

photo courtesy of john sheppard

20. White Earth table lamp by Marie Michielssen for SERAX

This sculpture lamp, made by Antwerp designer Marie Michielssen, is a beautiful and functional lighting object inspired by organic forms and natural materials. Even though this lamp is made of paper maché (and not of ceramic) I couldn’t help but include it in my selection. If I hadn’t told you the material you would have mistaken it for ceramic.

photo courtesy of serax

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