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#colorhunter time – The new color chart from Jotun Lady

I just got back at work after my holidays in Italy and I’m catching up on aaaaalll the news. This year I decided to greet the new blogging season by diving into the beautiful color chart just launched by Jotun Lady.

As a #colorhunter, I always crave amazing color shades and palettes, and when I ‘catch’ something juicy you know you can count on me for a color boost!

Jotun Lady is a Norwegian paint company I’ve been following for years and every September they introduce new interior color trends.

After a year and a half of social distancing, Jotun Lady wanted to focus on our need for social interactions. That is why the new color chart for 2022 is called TOGETHER. It’s an ode to the need to gather together in spaces that boost our mood through carefully selected colors.

The color chart, developed under the guidance of Lisbeth Larsen, contains three color palettes for a total of 28 colors. Each palette has a name and a distinctive style. Let’s go discover them.

«The colors make it easy for you to create the mood you want for yourself and yours.»

Interior color trends – ‘Embrace’ color palette

Embrace is inspired by nature and consists of warm, genuine hues that range from deep rust red, to ocher and yellow-beige, with hints of blue-gray. These are the colors of natural elements such as soil, sand, stone. All the color hues in this palette are subdued so you can create harmonious and comfortable spaces.

Interior color trends – ‘Playful’ color palette

As the name itself suggests, this is a playful and optimistic palette. These colors help in creating uplifting spaces and I find them perfect for a home studio as well as for a playroom. Don’t you feel happier just looking at these pictures?

Interior color trends – ‘Cherish’ color palette

This palette is all about soothing colors. If you want to give a room a relaxing, calming atmosphere this is the palette you want to pick up from. Think of a reading corner painted in Pale Linden or in Granitt…

Now that we had a dive into these beautiful color shades tell me: are you more an ‘Embrace’, ‘Playful’, or ‘Cherish’ type? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo credits: all images are courtesy of Jotun


  • Bentornata al lavoro e direi che rientrare con questi colori molto belli è senz’altro piacevole.
    Buon lavoro Nadia

    • Valeria Crescenzi

      Grazie! Hai ragione, tornare a lavoro facendo un tuffo in questi colori meravigliosi è un piacere. Buona giornata e grazie di essere passata di qui =)

  • Bentornata al lavoro e rientrare con questi colori molto belli e’ sicuramente piacevole. Buon lavoro Nadia

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